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Wow! She DID it!

on Wed, 05/07/2014 - 13:58

Note: We join in congratulating Stephanie for finishing her first 5K. Here, how it was, how it felt, in her own words.

I was very nervous the days leading up to the MHA On The Move 5K.  I was prepared though.  I had done the training, I had solicited donations, I had my iTunes Playlist on my iPod and new sneakers on my feet.  My family showed up to cheer me on with a banner and the family dog. 

When the race started I remembered all the advice I had been given about pacing myself.  My training was on a treadmill so I tried to simulate the pace I'd run these past few weeks.  However, something happened I didn't expect.  I was passing people on the race route.  Passing them!  I certainly didn't expect that to happen.  My brain said it must be a fluke.  I kept running.  Then came the first incline.

 I remembered my aunt telling me to remember that it would be a struggle up hill but I'd gain some momentum when I had to go back down. She was right.  I kept running.  I looked at my shadow on the ground.  Was that me?  That skinny woman with the ponytail?  Yup, that's me.  Did I just pass that teenager?  Am I keeping pace with that super fit guy ahead of me?  Yes, I was!  As I came into the home stretch, I was breathing harder and I started counting the parking lots to the finish line.  One more lot and you're there, Stephie.  I picked up the pace.  This whole time I had been worried about finishing but as I neared the end I became interested in my time. 

My family was right there at the finish line when I entered the funnel and they took my number for my times.  They were cheering me on at how well I did.  Quite frankly, I think they were as surprised as I was.  They were about to get another cup of coffee and wait for me.  I finished in 28:48 - the best time I had done to date.  The best time I'd done in my life.  I don't think I stopped smiling for hours. 

I don't regret a thing about the MHA 5K.  It is a great cause.  It will always mean a lot to me because it was my first 5K.  My only complaint is I didn't get a medal.  Oh well, now I have a goal for next year!!

Run on!